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In case you’re twenty years behind in technology or just haven’t heard of Kik – or maybe sexting – I’ll explain.

Kik is an anonymous chat program that lets you sign up with just an email address, no mobile phone number required, and thus it’s become quite popular in the worlds of sex work and sexy chat.

Too bad, because that might have provided a reason for at least a few people to see Perfect Stranger.

He gets to glare a lot and throw a guy around, but that's pretty much the sum total of his performance. She looks great but plays such a bitch that it's easy to stop caring about her ten minutes into the film.

This has led to a year’s worth of adventures, a year’s worth of stories, some lovely people and some total jerks, and more dick pics than any person wants to see. You can find them all right here.) I won’t get into the actual intricacies of my existing BDSM relationship, although I will talk freely in emails, but part of that relationship is playing with other Dom/mes now and then on Kik. Just like actual sex can be terrible, so too can chat sex be terrible.

You may be wondering how anonymous kik sexting with strangers fits into my existing relationship. We’re also kinksters, and part of that kink is playing with other people via chat. What playing looks like for me is twofold: sometimes it’s just discussing fantasies and dirty talk with someone. When you’re a submissive woman, you’re the target of an endless ocean of wannabe “Doms” on Kik.

I told him I didn’t want to chat and directed him to some chat groups on Fetlife, where he actually asked to borrow my login. Needless to say, “Bob” and I didn’t last very long. My favorite, though, is Captain Nonsequitor, who had no sense of subtlety at all.

What would happen if a late-night, D-grade direct-to-cable thriller excised all of the raunchily enjoyable elements and managed to attract an A-list cast?

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